My name is Johannes Stoerkle, I am currently working as a Doctorand / PhD. Student – Dipl.-Ing. Mechanical Engineering – at the Institute of Engineering and Computational Mechanics (ITM) of the University of Stuttgart on the field of research: “Model-based Identification and Active Suppression of Static and Dynamic Abberations in High Performance Optics

I wrote my diploma thesis at the Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control (IDSC) at the ETH Zurich and graduate with an average of 1,5. The topic of the final thesis was the development of control strategies for a steered rearmost axle of a semi-trailer and the investigation of the utilization for active safety. In addition to my major subjects Technical Dynamic (ITM) and Thermal Fluid Machinery (ITSM), I wrote a semester thesis and did some exams in Automatic Control Engineering (ISYS).

Since I had numerous jobs as a working student and as an intern in international companies and renowned institutions, I gained experience in the areas of industrial and scientific engineering. I did not only work in developmental and experimental teams at Alstom (gas / steam turbines), ABB and Bosch-Mahle (turbocharging), but I was also involved in academic research within the scope of the following university projects:

Within the last two years I got valuable experience in planning, developing and programming of a software package for the monitoring of a cleanroom (in cooperation with CCI). The software-tool was developed by myself using VB.net and was individually adjusted to the requirements of the customer.

I also used the chance to collect worthwhile impressions, multicultural experience and to improve my language skills during my work activities and travels abroad. Moreover I am ambitious and purposeful and I stand out due to my autonomous and independent way of working. With my open-minded nature I am also actively engaged in music and sport groups.

For more details please refer to my curriculum vitae or ask me to send you my complete application including the academic records, references and certifications.

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Air dust at home in front of my window



Temperature and air wetness at home in front of my window

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